Hemp Education

Why Choose Us

EmeraldLeaf prides itself on having the most Scientifically-Backed, Effect-Specific, Full-Spectrum CBD oil on the market.


It starts in the garden

Our hemp is grown in small-batch Colorado greenhouses.

We never outsource or use outdoor crops.


Carrier Oil

CBD oil is generally “carried” by another oil in order to have an increased bio-availability.

Research shows that MCT oil has the highest bio-availability and due to its molecular size, can be absorbed rapidy under the togue. (sublingual)



Choose your strain.

From sleep to energy, terpenes help us determine the way strains will affect us.

Extraction methodology

When it comes to CBD oil, there are two main extraction methods. CO2, and Ethanol(alcohol).

We use CO2 (even though it’s much more expensive) because it is a cleaner and tastier oil that doesn’t burn your mouth.


We use recycled, multi-use mailers, and hemp packaging to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Why Choose CBD?

Million of people are dealing with some kind of pain, anxiety, or sleep issues.

We are here to provide a healthy, all-natural alternative to prescriptions and OTC medications that can cause dependencies or unwanted side-effects.

Our Different Strains

We are dedicated to getting the benefits of CBD with terpenes into your hands.

With these three unique strains, there is truly something for everyone.

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