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At 12.5mg CBD and 12.5mg CBN in each gummy, these are specifically designed for sleep and relaxation. Made with real mangos and blueberries for a delicious taste and added benefits from the natural relaxing terpenes found in these fruits (Myrcene, Linalool). -Zero THC

We used real fruit so there are no artificial flavors. The fruits that we used were selected for their unique ability to interact with cannabinoids to provide a calming effect.

How does that work?

Our bodies have what’s called an endo-cannabinoid receptor system (or ECS for short), this system regulates things like sleep, appetite, anxiety, pain, and more. This system is special because the only known substances that can alter it are cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids are also very unique in the fact that they have specific effects that can vary with dosage, but they can also be altered with essential oils called “Terpenes”. These terpenes are found in every fruit and plant in the world, but we can only experience the different effects of these terpenes when they are consumed alongside cannabinoids. This is because the ECS is only accessible to cannabinoids, which have the ability to latch onto and have their effects altered by cannabinoids. This may seem a little confusing, but we assure you that this is science. For more information, check out the ECS online or simply google the “entourage effect”. It’s worth a read!

If you’d like to see a chart that shows relaxing vs stimulating terpenes, check our home page!

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100mg, 250mg

15 reviews for Real Fruit Gummies CBD:CBN

  1. Ernie H

    Not the best taste, but definitely effective.

  2. Jake

    Replaced melatonin with these gummies!

  3. Greg M

    Gifted these to my dad who had trouble sleeping and he loves them

  4. Destiny P

    I love taking these with the thc gummies

  5. Malik

    Taste a little like hemp, but they definitely work. I’ve been taking these on and off for some time

  6. T. G.

    Great product

  7. Kiera

    These do the trick, takes the edge off nicely.

  8. Tim K

    Don’t love the taste but they work better for sleep than anything else I’ve tried

  9. A.B.

    Cbn is definitely my favorite, great for sleep.

  10. Brett F

    Pairs nicely with a glass of wine or a joint

  11. Herald

    My go-to gummies

  12. D. H. P.


  13. Darren

    Tried these at the Florida cannabis festival and had to get em again!

  14. Shantel Reddish

    Noticeably more relaxed 😌

  15. S Scott

    Was able to ween off ambien with these! Thank you!

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