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Packed Full of Terpenes that Promote Acuity, Energy, and Focus, this Sativa is for Daytime Use. Terpenes are the essential oils of the hemp plant that determine its smell, flavor, and effects. This product is high in terpinolene and limonene for maximum uplifting effects. In order to accurately predict how a hemp product will affect you, understanding these terpenes is a must. We have a short guide on terpenes on our home page for your convenience 🙂

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6 reviews for Jack Herer Tincture

  1. Carmen

    This CBD is some of the best I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a lot! This strain specifically has really helped me with my daily afternoon “lull”, when I’m still working for several more hours but coffee has worn off. It helps me focus and stay productive. It also has helped me feel more creative when I practice pottery.

  2. A. Cadret (verified owner)

    Great focus and concentration. Lets me work super productively being alert with attention to detail. It’s 1:00 or 2:00 at work and I hardly notice that time has gone by. I’m new to this, so I was worried about any weird feeling, but there are none – just focus.

  3. Daniel

    My favorite strain by Emerald Leaf for sure. Great mood booster and gave me that kick I needed to start and maintain my day.

  4. Emily

    The new version tastes so good! Especially the jack! Tastes just like citrus and gives me energy.

  5. Bendasha Davis

    Great mood and energy booster! Also allows me to focus, something that I normally have trouble doing.

  6. Alecia

    This has helped me a lot with nicotine withdrawals. Highly recommend if someone needs a little mood boost.

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