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A Balanced Hybrid, Sunset Sherbet has a Terpene Profile suited for any time of day.

Terpenes are the essential oils of the hemp plant that determine its smell, flavor, and effects. This product is high in limonene, caryophyllene, and terpineol for pain and relaxation, without making you tired.

Our bodies have what’s called an endo-cannabinoid receptor system (or ECS for short), this system regulates things like sleep, appetite, anxiety, pain, and more. This system is special because the only known substances that can alter it are cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids are also very unique in the fact that they have specific effects that can vary with dosage, but they can also be altered with essential oils called “Terpenes”. These terpenes are found in every fruit and plant in the world, but we can only experience the different effects of these terpenes when they are consumed alongside cannabinoids. This is because the ECS is only accessible to cannabinoids, which have the ability to latch onto and have their effects altered by cannabinoids. This may seem a little confusing, but we assure you that this is science. For more information, check out the ECS online or simply google the “entourage effect”. It’s worth a read!

In order to accurately predict how a hemp product will affect you, understanding these terpenes is a must.

We have a short guide on terpenes on our home page for your convenience 🙂

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8 reviews for Sunset Sherbet Tincture

  1. Jason

    Best CBD product I have even taken. I clearly feel a difference. I have more energy throughout the day. My body and mind have never felt better. Thank you Emerald Leaf. Cannot live without this product.

  2. Daniel

    Incredible product, great for daytime and relaxing.

  3. Jordan

    This one is my favorite!

  4. Spencer F


  5. K.S.

    My favorite blend! I’ve tried them all and this is the one for me.

  6. Janet B. Keller

    Great for the afternoon, I’m 67 years old and my daughter recommended this product for my nerve pain.

  7. G. S.

    I use this one and the relax oil on a daily basis, definitely recommend.

  8. Antonio V

    I take this every day at lunch time for my arthritis, I’m moving around at work all day and this helps tremendously.

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