Effect-Specific Hemp oil.

Don't Settle for a Mystery Strain!

Hemp grows in many different strains, these strains have different effects.
Many companies either grow one strain or purchase hemp from whoever will sell it for the lowest price, not educating consumers on strains.


*According to psychopharmacology researcher and board-certified neurologist Ethan Russo, the science behind the way strains affects you is in the cannabinoids but also more interestingly in the terpenes (which vary from strain to strain).
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Check out this terpene chart to learn more.

Common Terpenes

Hemp contains different essential oils, called Terpenes, that are responsible for the various flavors as well as effects.

These terpenes are found everywhere in nature, but when we consume them alongside cannabinoids, we can really take advantage of them.

This is known as the Entourage Effect.

Sativa Terpenes


promote focus and mood.


Promotes energy and mood.

(most common sativa terp)


Known to promote focus and acuity.


Great for anxiety and inflamation.


Promotes relaxation and sleep.

(most common indica terpene)


Also found in lavender.

Very calming.


Great for anxiety and inflamation.

Attention to detail.

We only make products we would take ourselves. That means no huge outdoor field with pesticides and bugs.

We have our own greenhouse in Colorado that has been dialed in to produce pristine flowers, which are then hang-dried (no ovens!) C02 extracted (no alcohol!) and placed in our sustainable hemp boxes (no unnecessary waste!)

Lab tests matter.

We proudly display our lab tests with the terpene portion on our products page. 99% of hemp companies hide this information because they often lose all the terpenes in the extraction process, leaving you with an incomplete oil.

The Entourage Effect

Also called the Ensamble Effect, Cannabinoids are much more effective when consumed alongside a wide variety of terpenes. This is why most extracts seem to be missing something that was in the flower, it is expensive and challenging to re-introduce these valuable terpenes.